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Key Information

  • Demolition Operative Level 2
  • National – Satellite Delivery regionally coordinated by London South East Colleges
  • Autumn 2024
  • 2 Year Apprenticeship
  • 30+ spaces
  • Have the right to work in England, and spend at least 50% of their working hours in England
  • 90 Days Off-The-Job (OTJ) required


If your payroll is more than £3 million, you’re already invested in the Apprenticeship levy. Non-Apprenticeship levy-paying employers can pay 5% of the apprenticeship course cost, and the government will cover the remaining 95% through the process of ‘co-investment’. (So, you release £18,000.00 of Government Funding for a contribution of £900.00.)

CITB Grant:
Attendance grant is payable up to the apprentice’s last date in learning or the typical duration of the standard, whichever is earlier.

• The attendance grant rate is £2,500 per year for the two year programme.
• The achievement grant is £3,500 on successful completion of the Apprenticeship.
• So, £8,500 in total.

What is covered?

A sample of expected duties assessed during the Practical Test component of the Apprentice’s assessment are shown below.

• Demolition works by hand including both soft strip and hard demolition incorporating structural elements

• Safe and effective use of hand tools (one of mattock, crow bar, sledge hammer, lump hammer) and power tools (one of reciprocating saw, cut off saw, breaker)

• Guidance of demolition plant including both hand signals and radio to guide plant to demolish structures

• Three lifting operations (balanced, unbalanced and bundled loads) using a crane or excavator above 10 tonnes

• Demonstrate the correct usage of burning equipment to cut through metals at ground level

• Selection and use of remote-controlled demolition equipment

List of modules

  • Introduction to Demolition
  • Intensive L1 / L2 Functional Skills English Tuition
  • Demolition Labourer
  • Manual Handling
  • Safe Use of Hand Tools
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Revision
  • CCDO Labourer Exam
  • Abrasive Wheels: Safe Use of Petrol Driven Cut-Off Saws
  • Safe Use of Oxygen/Fuel Cutting
  • Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal
  • COSHH Awareness
  • Spillage and Pollution Prevention
  • PASMA: Tower User
  • Site Access Traffic Marshal
  • HS&E Test – to be booked by the employer


How many days in a classroom or centre?

34 days. In Year 1 there will be 23 days of training, in Year 2 there will be 11 days of training.

What is the location of the classroom or centre?

Regional training will be organised based on the location of the cohort.

Can existing employees access the Demolition Apprenticeship programme or is it new recruits only?

Yes, existing employees can apply for the Demolition Apprenticeship. It is not restricted to new recruits.

Are there any age limits or restrictions for Apprentices?

No, anyone aged 16 – 65 can access the Demolition Apprenticeship.

Is the payment lump sum upfront or in instalments?

Payment is dealt with by the Apprenticeship Levy automatically. If the Employer is a non levy-payer, then the upfront cost is £900.00.

Is the grant funding paid in instalments or on completion?

CITB Grant claim for the attendance is paid in instalments and achievement grant is paid on completion.

Can the original company claim back the grant for the parts of the course that were completed?

The Apprenticeship Levy transfers over pro-rata and CITB Attendance Grant is paid pro-rata until the leaving date.

What if the employee leaves the company part-way through the programme?

The employee can continue the course with their next employer.

Off-The-Job (OTJ) Training

Off-the-job training: steps to help you determine whether an activity counts as off-the-job training.


• Off-the-job training must make up at least 20% of the apprentice’s normal working hours (paid hours excluding overtime) over the planned duration of the apprenticeship.

• You can deliver off-the-job training in the apprentice’s normal workplace or at an external location.

• Progress reviews and on-programme assessment do not count towards 20% off-the-job training.

How do I apply?

Simply submit an online enquiry form via this link: