Did you know that you can be a Member of the National Demolition Training Group (NDTG), even if you are not a Member of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC)?

NDTG Membership offers great benefits for UK demolition contractors and their workforces.

If you’re interested in applying, complete the online application form here or call NDTG on 01442 217 144 (Option 2).

Membership Benefits:

  • Discounted NDTG training courses, including CCDO card courses
  • Help and support with claiming Grants and Funding
  • Regular updates, news, information and guidance regarding demolition training standards and requirements
  • Invitation to Annual General Meeting to share your views and ideas for demolition industry training and provide feedback to NDTG
  • Voting rights at NDTG Annual General Meeting

Membership Fees

NDTG Members pay an annual subscription fee of just £750, plus VAT. Upon approval and receipt of membership fees your company will be sent an NDTG Membership Certificate.

Membership Criteria

  • You must be a CITB registered company
  • Be primarily involved in the Demolition Industry
  • Be committed to demolition training

Membership of the NDTG is not limited to NFDC members, as any company involved in the demolition process who is a CITB in-scope levy paying company can apply to be a Member of NDTG. It is important to note that NDTG Membership does not guarantee your organisation NFDC membership should you wish to apply. Whilst NDTG training for your workforce is a key advantage, NFDC operates its own set of membership criteria that must be met for any organisation to be accepted.

Membership Application Form

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Membership £750 + VAT p.a.

Membership subscriptions with NDTG start on 1st January and end on 31st December.
No, NFDC members automatically receive NDTG membership and special rates for training courses.
The cost is calculated on a pro-rata basis. You will be charged for 12 months if subscription is bought between January - June, or 6 months if subscription is bought between July - December.
NDTG is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) through CITB. This means we can claim the grant on your behalf, so you don't have to. All of our courses (Open and Bespoke) are offered at a discounted price for Members. You'll also receive emails updating you on any offers that you can claim.