The NDTG’s CAT and Genny course is one of a number of specialist courses that we offer to improve overall site safety for demolition workers. The course covers the use of the Cable Avoidance Tool and Signal Generator to survey below-ground infrastructure. These skills are essential for many demolition sites and the NDTG’s course gives employers confidence that their workforce is operating at the highest level of safety standards. The course is a mixture of theory, such as why and when you might use a detector and practical, allowing trainees to try out the equipment in a variety of ways.

There have been incredible advances in recent years when it comes to radio-electronic underground service location equipment.

We are thrilled to have received a glowing review of the course from NDFC & NDTG member Gary Bishop at Bromley Demolition.

“A few of my lads attended NDTG’s CAT & Genny course recently and have been raving about it since. The course was excellent, pitched at just the right level – and the equipment was fantastic. So much so, I’ve bought it! I’ve told my team to start using the equipment and the skills they’ve learnt straight away. It means we can avoid going through services because we know exactly where they are before digging. This equipment will save us valuable time and money – and what’s even better is that we can connect to it through our Bluetooth phones, which makes the equipment so easy to use.”