The design of new CCDO Cards is changing, in line with all cards in the CSCS Alliance. This change will only affect new CCDO cards issued from April 2024 onwards. All current cards with the old card design will remain valid until their expiry date.

The new card design no longer features a metal chip (‘contact faceplate’) and now displays a contactless (‘NFC’) logo in its place. You can see an example of the new design next to the old design below:

The old cards with the metal chip are still valid and will remain valid until the expiry dates displayed on the front of each card. Upon renewal, these cards will be updated to the new design. These changes apply to all CCDO cards that use CSCS card stock.

As well as the removal of the metal chip there are some minor cosmetic changes to printed text on the cards. The best way to check for a valid CCDO card (or CSCS card) is to use the CSCS Smart Check app.

Please ensure that all site access individuals and processes are updated with these changes to ensure there is no disruption to site access for individuals with the new card design.

To assist with this, we have created a poster which can be printed and used on site to help identify new cards.

Click here to view Poster