CPCS A59 (360) Excavator Card (Red or Blue)

If you currently hold a Red or Blue A59 (360) Excavator card, but wish to add Demolition Plant, you will need to complete a full D90 technical test for the required category and complete the relevant NVQ unit.

CPCS A59 (360) Excavator Card (Red or Blue)


Complete the D90 Technical Test.

Register for appropriate NVQ. You will hold a 2nd CPCS Card (Red Trained Operator) until the NVQ unit is completed.

Check that your HSE test is in date within the last 2 years.

Complete CPCS F1.2 (write D90 Conversion across the top) and return to CPCS with payment to receive your Blue Competent Operator card in D90C

Key Notes

CPCS Cards are now administered by NOCN. To find out more about how to convert your A59 (360) Excavator Card to include demolition plant, please contact NOCN.