The new CSCS Smart Check app has launched, representing a major step forward in building quality and safety. For the first time, all 2.1 million cards displaying the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) logo can be verified using a single app.

All construction sites should require everyone working in a construction occupation to hold a card displaying the CSCS logo and should check those cards regularly to ensure they are genuine and in date. However, with thirty-eight different card schemes offering CSCS logoed cards, all using their own card checking systems, the process can be complicated.

To resolve this issue the Construction leadership Council (CLC) amended their existing card checking requirement to include the development of a solution which uses smart technology to validate all cards displaying the CSCS logo. Having one app to check all physical and virtual cards at site gates, or on project entry, will introduce greater efficiencies for employers and those responsible for checking cards on site. It does not matter which scheme card turns up at the site gates, from asbestos to welding, if it displays a CSCS logo it will be compatible with CSCS Smart Check.

Mark Reynolds, CLC Skills Sponsor said: “CSCS Smart Check forms part of the industry’s response to the findings of the Dame Judith Hackitt Review.  It ensures people are suitably qualified, have the right training and experience for the role they are doing on site. Crucially, the information held by cards can be easily accessed by sites of all sizes and used to improve building quality and safety.”

Alan O’Neile, Head of Communications at CSCS said: “Developed by the 38 card schemes displaying the CSCS logo, CSCS Smart Check is a vital tool in certifying the qualifications held by individuals coming onto construction sites and projects in the built environment. Over the coming months, the project team will reach out to employers and stakeholders to begin the process of enabling existing card checking systems to become compatible with the new app. All sites are encouraged to migrate to the new app over time.”

Initially CSCS Smart Check will function as a standalone application, incompatible with existing site entry systems such as turnstiles and desktop card readers. There will be no immediate impact on existing card checking operations and employers can continue to use these systems if required. The app is free and available from the Apple iOS and Google Play stores.

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