1st April 2020: Skills & Training Fund Launch

CITB’s new Skills and Training Fund has been refreshed and now encompasses two strands supporting: micro and small companies (up to 100 employees), and  medium-sized businesses (up to 250 employees) to become a wider offer for employers.

“The new CITB Skills and Training Fund has been refreshed to become a wider, more flexible offer for employers,” says CITB chief executive Sarah Beale. “We have responded to the urgent COVID-19 situation by changing the focus of the fund and offering more flexibility on what businesses can apply for.”

“Construction companies are under incredible pressure as a result of COVID-19,” Beale continues. “At the moment the main priority is doing all we can to ensuring businesses and employees are protected so that, when the current emergency finally comes to an end, the sector is armed with the skills and resources it needs to keep Britain building.”

The fund comprises of two streams:

  • A Skills and Training Fund for small and micro-sized businesses where businesses can apply for a maximum of £10,000 (full details and how to apply) depending on the size of the employer
  • A Skills and Training Fund for medium-sized businesses where employers with up to 250 employees are eligible to receive up to £25,000 (full details and how to apply).

Based on employer need, the fund will allow businesses to define then address their particular challenges. The focus has broadened from productivity and innovation, to helping employers with business sustainability and skill retention – key concerns for the construction industry in the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment.

This video provides further information on the funds.

NDTG is here to to talk with demolition employers about how they can make this funding opportunity work for them.

The new funds open on 1 April 2020. Funding applications can be submitted at any time (from 01 April onwards) and are assessed throughout the year. To find out more visit:


CITB’s COVID-19 updates page is being refreshed daily and includes information on a range of subjects, including Grants, Funding and the NCC. Visit the page at: