At NDTG, we’re often asked about the CCDO Site Visitor card – the only card under the current scheme for those who do not work directly in the demolition industry – so who is this card for, and why?

The CCDO Site Visitor card is designed for individuals who have a job-related reason to be on-site but do not work in the demolition sector. They may not have the knowledge that a demolition worker will have about site safety, putting them more at risk of being involved in an accident. As well as improving the safety of individuals on-site, the CCDO Site Visitor card can improve efficiency when it comes to site inductions. For demolition sites that insist on any personnel on-site are CCDO carded, the Site Visitor card can reduce delays in gaining access to the site and ensure the safety of workers from all backgrounds who have work to perform on demolition sites.

Who is the CCDO Site Visitor Card Suitable For?  

Anyone who visits demolition sites for any purpose will benefit from the CCDO Site Visitor training. Below are just a sample of professions NDTG have qualified with a CCDO Site Visitor card:

  • Health & Safety Auditors
  • Media Personnel, including Reporters and Photographers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Chemical Samplers
  • Hydraulic Hose Engineers

Why is the CCDO Site Visitor a vital qualification for your non-demolition workers?

NDTG Trainer Sean Phillips shares three key reasons why it’s worth gaining and carrying a CCDO Site Visitor card;

  • Demolition sites are dangerous places with hazards that individuals who don’t usually work on-site might not be aware of; such as objects falling from a height, or deep excavations.
  • There can be a significant risk of exposure to chemicals, asbestos or other dangerous substances that visitors to the site may not immediately recognise without the correct training or knowledge of signage.
  • Site Visitors may have job functions that involve access to the most dangerous areas on a demolition site, for example, if the site is being audited.

National Demolition Training Group (NDTG) offers full training for potential Site Visitors through a 1-day training course. The card is valid for 5 years and it’s recommended that holders also obtain an Emergency First Aid certificate, which can also be achieved through NDTG.