National Demolition Training Group is committed to ensuring accessibility and affordability of workforce training for demolition contractors. NDTG understands that times are tough, belts are tightened and it’s a big ask to invest in training for operatives who may not stay at the same company long-term.

In a competitive market, where those who commission demolition projects are savvy, discerning, cost-conscious and risk-averse, having evidence of a qualified demolition workforce is fast becoming the expected norm, with many preferring, or even insisting upon, a contractor with a fully CCDO carded workforce.

Worker Safety, wellbeing, retention of staff and productivity are, or should be, key issues at the forefront of the contractor’s minds. Specialist demolition training goes a long way in helping to address those issues, by demonstrating to your workforce that they are valued, as well as ensuring they have the right skills to work safely and efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing risk on site.

For these reasons, training the demolition workforce shouldn’t be seen as a luxury or a ‘nice to have’, but as a necessary ‘must-do’.

NDTG are here to help reduce the cost burden of workforce training for demolition contractors. We work behind the scenes to secure funding that enables you to train your Operatives at a fraction of the typical cost.

Dawn Lacey, NDTG Office Manager and Head of Funding, completed the application process at the back end of 2018 to secure the maximum funding possible from the CITB levy-payers pot. In April 2019, NDTG’s bid was proved successful and a significant share was awarded to funding training for CITB registered NFDC and NDTG members.

Dawn said: “Once we knew the funding was going to be available it became a number one priority to secure it on behalf of our Members. We started the process with an expression of interest back in September 2018, so it was a long wait to find out if we had been successful. Our efforts paid off when we opened the announcement to see the amount allocated! This funding makes training more affordable for our CITB registered Members. It is our goal to continue securing the maximum funding possible to keep driving the costs of training down. With costs to their employers reduced, it is our hope that individuals working in the demolition industry will benefit from developing their skills and progressing their careers through training that would otherwise be limited or inaccessible.”

The funding is apportioned across NDTG’s portfolio of demolition training courses and spread across different UK training venues. Many CCDO courses are reduced by a huge 50%, saving companies as much as £700 per person for a 5-day CCDO Manager’s course.

High-quality training is now well within financial and geographical reach. That’s got to be good news, right? But there’s a catch.

NDTG is only able to secure the funding that keeps the costs of training down IF you help us to spend it.

Now that the funds are in place, it’s vital that we get the message to NFDC and NDTG members to start spending it. If NDTG doesn’t fully utilise the allocated funds, it naturally becomes harder to secure the same, sizeable pot of training money next time around. This would mark the end of the great savings we’re currently able to offer for quality courses nationwide. Let’s not allow that to happen. Help us to keep the costs of training low for you, by taking advantage of these reduced rate courses and we’ll do the leg-work to secure the same level of funding again.

In addition to the funding success by NDTG, NFDC Corporate Members will know that the Federation invested £150,000 again in 2019 for workforce training. £1000 training vouchers can be used against NDTG ‘50% off’ courses, meaning you could actually be training your team for free!

If you’re not a member of either NFDC or NDTG, you may be wondering what’s in it for you. Newsflash – you do not have to be a Member of NFDC to train with NDTG! Any demolition contractor in the UK can apply for NDTG Membership, if you’re CITB registered this makes you eligible to book both funded courses and other member-discounted courses, and if you’re not CITB registered, you can still get special member rates, saving £££s in training costs, as well as a whole host of other benefits.

For smaller businesses, there are other routes available to secure lower-cost demolition training. The Skills and Training fund was set up by CITB to provide financial assistance for smaller companies in the construction and demolition industry and funds are allocated to businesses on an application basis. This funding can be utilised on any NDTG training course. The chart below shows the current funding amounts available, depending on the number of staff on payroll.

Number of Staff on Payroll Funding Available
1-49 £5,000
50-74 £7,500
75-99 £10,000


Regardless of Membership status, NDTG is available to talk demolition contractors through the process for claiming funds for training, as well as ensuring that funds are only invested in the right training courses for your workforce. Ask NDTG to carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) today and receive a bespoke programme that fits your workforce requirements and maximises the funding available to your business.

NDTG are here to offer practical help and advice on the relevant funding options and discounted courses for your business. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your team at reduced costs. There has never been a better time than now to train your workforce.