With significant changes happening in the UK and the European economy, the industry is moving into unknown territory. Across demolition and the wider construction sector, upskilling your workforce to face the potential challenges ahead is a positive investment in your businesses future – and it isn’t just because having a fully compliant workforce ticks all the boxes when it comes to tenders.

Reasons To Invest In Workforce Training

If you still need convincing that training is worthy of investment, here are 5 ways that upskilling your workforce will have a positive impact on your business.

  • Your employees will work more efficiently, saving time and money on resources.
    Demolition training at all levels teaches individuals to work in the most time-efficient, safe and productive ways possible. Saving money by reducing time wasted with inefficient practices should be a goal of every company, in demolition and the wider construction field. If everyone on site knows how to do their jobs, the site will run more smoothly with less downtime correcting errors.
  • Safety first. Preventing accidents on site is an essential remit of every demolition firm. Accidents obviously cause health and physical problems for individuals, but they also severely delay the completion of jobs. It makes sense that accidents are less likely when your workforce has received the correct education for the tasks that they are carrying out. Everyone on-site, from labourers to visitors to managers, needs an appropriate health and safety qualification as well as training relevant to the jobs they will be undertaking. The CCDO card scheme means that Site Managers can be sure that workers at every level have the knowledge required to carry out their role safely and successfully.
  • Investing in your workforce increases staff retention. 25% of people report the reason for leaving a company as a lack of training and development opportunities. Employees are significantly more likely to stay with a company that has invested in their career. The benefit of training individuals from the ground up is that they will understand your business and have built relationships both above and below their position during their time. We can help ensure that your employees are following the most relevant and cost-efficient training path for your business needs!
  • A fully trained workforce is less likely to suffer from mental health issues arising from job stress. Work-related stress is responsible for 11 million days off per year in the U.K. Ensure that your workforce is fully equipped with the skills and training they require to reduce stress-related absences. Training also improves morale which has the added effect of increasing both job satisfaction and overall productivity.
  • Staying up to date with new legislations, guidelines and processes. As the demolition industry strives to become safer and more efficient, more advanced technology becomes the norm on-site, as well as increasingly stringent safety protocols. Staying abreast of the latest innovation by implementing up-to-date training means staying ahead of the competition and ensuring the safety of your workforce.