NDTG introduced the new CCDO Demolition Industry Placement (DIP) Card in April 2022 and are pleased to now announce that the first two cards have been issued.

Designed for individuals with a non-construction related degree or higher education qualification, but no previous experience within the demolition industry, the card allows an individual to be onsite as a graduate trainee, or whilst they receive formal demolition skills training.

NDTG have issued Michael Lisz of Erith and Lewis Smith of Hughes & Salvidge with the industry’s first two CCDO Industry Placement Cards, which will allow them to gain industry knowledge onsite, whilst undertaking the IDE Foundation Degree in Demolition Management & Engineering.

The three year CCDO DIP card allows an individual to undertake the IDE Foundation degree and a 1 day CCDO Manager refresher card in order to gain the CCDO Demolition Manager red card, in place of taking the full 5-day CCDO Managers Course. An individual will then be able to undertake and complete a level 6 NVQ to attain their full black CCDO Demolition Manager’s card which is then valid for 5 years.